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My timeline for 11 Jul 2011

19:31 andiim3 : is lemes

19:54 andiim3 : is typing the installation instruction for her

20:07 andiim3 : email sent to one of my only one client left

20:31 andiim3 : hapus2 banyak friend di FB ga semudah yg dibayangkan.. bakal ngabisin bandwidth

23:11 andiim3 : Sometimes you need to do mistake to know that its a mistake

23:35 andiim3 : Using this buggy cust rom to get only a mistake

23:51 andiim3 : shares http://otakbali.com

00:13 andiim3 : I should find the happiest me i can be

00:25 andiim3 : Theres a benefit to loosing, u got to learn from ur mistake

01:20 andiim3 : Ga bisa tdur kalo gerah gini..

08:32 andiim3 : Pagi2 baru bangun: kaget liat hape ternyata mati karena lowbat.. its drawning

08:33 andiim3 : Eh ternyata ak bisa bangun pagi, 8.30, not bad

10:23 andiim3 : Besok ku ulang tahun bali (A.K.A otonan) ada yg mo ngasi hadiah?

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