To-Do List

Countdown to my homecoming has been started today. Three more months to go, and I’ll come back to my lovely Singaraja. Maybe I’ll be the old me, just a regular guy wandering around the block without any destination. (H)

Yet, that’s all are still blur. I need to arrange my sched 😉

Well, the first week at home.. I will spend my time for sleeping, laying, lazying, GETTING FAT! hahaha.. 😀 payback time!

Then.. the next thing is to go around Bali.. sure I will need a car or a bike to do it.. hemm.. maybe i will rent a car, or buy a new bike for me.. it’s kinda 3-4 months off, so i will need a bike so bad.. what? V-ixion? again?? still.. need to think twice to buy anything more than $100. 🙂

And then.. a place to live in Singaraja.. need time to search the perfect one.. but I’ll find it for sure..

a lot more to do.. I’ll add some more to the list.. later.. (H)

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