Optimizing adsense click through

It’s been a year, or maybe 2 years since the last time I receive my last adsense payment. After receiving the payment, I stop optimizing the ads on my blogs. So that’s why I didn’t get any revenue anymore.

Yesterday, I’m excited to create a minimalistic ajaxed template for wordpress, of course adsense optimized. But, in the middle of the project, I think…. yes I think.. (I) I would be nice if I put the new ads design to the template, and makes the visitor would click the ads.

So, I decided to hide the content of the page (style=’display:none;’) and show it only if the visitor click on the title (onclick=”$(‘#601’).toggle(500);”). In this case, the visitor will see the ads (links and banners) only. That will increase the ads click through.

check it out here: http://andisetiawan.com/index2.html?freegames

I took the base design from slax website. Because the slax website is light and refreshing.. but, it full of tables.. :-S So hard to decode…. it uses no CSS, I removed the CSS from the template,,

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