ePad – My new android Tablet

At least, the packages (G) from Tangerang n Surabaya has arrived yesterday afternoon 😀 , ahh.. a long day to wait some packages that uses one night delivery service.. (N)

It is caused by my mobile. I sold my mobile, so my number is inactive. That’s why when the JNE called me, they hear nothing, coz at that moment I activate my number by inserting the sim card into my 3G modem. That cause the problem. So my packages arrive at 5PM. cape deh

So I went to the JNE agent at tuban ngacir, but they said that the package was taken by the courier at the moment, they asked my to wait at home.. so I did it..

Well, I’m new in this neighborhood, I live here for a week now. So when the delivery man asked for the person named Andi, every body in front of my boarding house said “ngga tau, coba ke dalem..” hehehe :-$ But, i came out to see the delivery man. He said that he called me several hours before, but there’s no sound of me, neither him..

So after I signed the form,, I started to unpack the package.. wahh… a second LG GW300 mobile phone, ePad android tablet, an a mix style headphone.. 😉

As my girl jealous with the gadget (U) , I laugh at her.. Don’t worry babe, you’re still the one…… after my gadgets.. 😀 hahahaha ngakak

Andi Setiawan

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