Memory SMA

SMA Negeri 1 Singaraja or in English Senior High School 1 Singaraja, is my last wonderful place on earth. (Y)

I got so many experience here. A lot of friends. Nice and smart teacher. Even the GOKIL young teacher. 😉

hemmm.. thanks Smansa, if I were a president, I’ll build a lot more great building for you. And of course, the on-process “Perpustakaan Maya” will finished very soon.

here’s my last photos in Smansa, the last day to be a student of this great school.

take a look…

Pengumuman Kelulusan
Pengumuman Kelulusan

temen sekelas
temen sekelas
anak IB ama IPS
anak IB ama IPS
Language Program Classs Student
Language Program Class's Student

That’s all folks.. see more photos at

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