next award: Confusing

Yes, another award. Award system that can make something called link baiting or maybe more familiar with link exchange..

I don’t know what the award’s name is, because my friend (boot_d) didn’t wrote the award’s name in his post.

By the way, here is the award… (H)
link banner ok

link banner ok

And the rules???

1. punya hape? yes, i have it

2.merk plus tipe? hmmm.. is this required??

my mobile is Sony Ericsson G502.

3. warna? yes, colorful TFT..

4. wallpaper? i use the flash lite wallpaper, based on blue background with some flying and changing particle on it. But sometime i used Everchanging flash wallpaper, the wallpaper color will change every hour, and the background changed every month.

5. warna casing? it is black hazel,

6. apikasi yang pertama kali dibuka? flash lite menu, and then opera mini

7. bahasa yang digunakan di hape? i love to use english

8. kapasitas batere saat ini? 54%, will survive the next 5 hour with browsing activity.

9. pake slot memory? jenis? yes, with M2, the most expensive memory card

10. total kapasitas memory? kapasitas yang belum kepake?

2.34 MB, im not buying any m2 card yet….. ;-(

11. choice: banyak berisi apa memorynya?
a. poto

some music, and thousand of SMS..

12. ada koneksi bluetooth? yes, best bluetooth apps i ever have

13. nama bluetooth kamu saat ini? andiim3

14. aplikasi yang sering kamu gunakan? opera mini 4

15.  sisa pulsa saat ini? Rp.7.458,-

16. provider yang kamu pakai? Indosat IM3..

17. no hape? 0857394930**

18. siapa yang kamu tag untuk pe-er ini?

Well, I’ll continue this award to :

Mas Hardi



Andi Setiawan

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