After Holly Trip

Yesterday, all of 3rd grade students in smansa and some of teacher went to have a holly trip (tirta yatra) to 3 holly temple in Bali.


We went to Silayukti Temple first at Karangasem (Padang Bai village, near the port),  then to Goa Lawah Temple at Klungkung, then at last to the great Besakih Temple.

I don’t have the picts of the trip already. I will post it later.

But the trip was awesome. Its give me great pleasure to forgot my own problems at home. I have many jokes with my friends.

But, i can’t buy some food for me to eat. So i rob my friend’s food with peace.. (H) .

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  1. English word for tirtha yatra is pilgrim (just a quick fix)
    Don’t ever think that I’m good in english 😀

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