My Last Position On Earth

No we are still docked at Curaçao and will be heading to Panama Canal in few hours. Still, my mobile doesn’t get any mobile network signal. It’s been 5 days, I got no text from anyone. Not even twitter.  Yes, I don’t have a girl right now, but still I hope at least someone text me and say “hi”

Willemstad - Curacao
Willemstad – Curaçao

I have tried to contact my parent via satellite phone, but no answer. Poor me.

My partner here insisted me to go to Willemstad downtown for a better network connection, but I have decided to stick my ass on this hard plastic chair.

Tomorrow we will transit in Kralendjik (Bonaire). I don’t have a plan to visit the town either. I’d better take a good rest on my bed.

Oh, by the way, my work out program seems to have a good progression. I gained 4Kg’s in just 12 days. wow.. dramatically awesome!

I want to show him that I’m not the skinny Andi anymore. And by “him” I mean the future me.

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