Facebook Timeline

I created a new WordPress theme inspired by the Facebook Timeline. Maybe not as perfect as we thought, but good enough for me.

Facebook Timeline

Download here : Version 1.3

Version Description:

The design has been fixed to match the Facebook Timeline, it has two sidebars.

Changelog :
Added : automated content loader at the bottom of the pages. It uses ajax.
Changed : Few design tweaks to make it more similar to Fb’s design.
Fixed : Some javascript errors

To Do :
Theme Option to change the cover and profile picture, to choose pages to display on top navigation, etc.

I will need more time to do the To Do list, maybe it will be completed next year 😀 hahaha.. Well you know, I’m busy lately..


After having a brief conversation with my fellas, I decided not to continue developing this theme. Therefore, don’t use this theme if you already downloaded it, please.

ga jadi
Ga jadi deh

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