just a quick update

In the past 24 hours, I did several silly things:
1. Creating a minified version of this blog at http://blog.andisetiawan.com
2. Building a script called CSU (Cross Site Updater), still in development at : http://csu.andiim3.com
3. Registering some domain and park it in Adsense for domain, here is the example : http://be-parked.co.cc
4. Installing ScribeFire (again) and test it to some of my blogs 😀
thanks for reading ^_^

Andi Setiawan

Loving husband - Caring Father - Slap bet Commissionaire (I wish) find my complete profile on: http://andisetiawan.com/about-me http://facebook.com/andiim3 - http://gplus.to/andiim3 - http://andiim3.com

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