Upgrading my web Hosting

Ups… Bandwidth limit exceed.. :-O

So bad condition isn’t it???

Nobody can view my nice blog from 20-21 August 2009 because of this problem.

But I’ve fixed it up. I upgrade the web hosting package, upgrading the space and the bandwidth.

ohh… my money.. I spend my money just for my blog,, my ugly blog,, but, no matter what, this is MY HOBBY!!!

Hemmm.. In next few weeks or months, I’ll upgrade my site too.. What’s to upgrade?? Not an upgrade actually, I’ll pay a lot of money to my domain provider, so my blog (andisetiawan.com) will last until next few years.

And my portal also (andiim3.com), I’ll use that portal for other purpose.

Maybe cloud computing again, like I did before. with eyeOS.

So I can get connected with my family. (yups, you know that I’ll go aboard).

ummhh.. (I) I just remember something..

in next several days, I’ll be rarely update my blog. I must follow the middle test in my campus, the beloved Balindo Paradiso. But I’ll regularly check the incoming comments. I’d love to reply all of incoming nice comment.

By the way, the Hotel Corporate Manager MSC, Mr. Tim Skinner, has went to Australia. I’ve heard that he went to Australia with Mr. Kawan (The owner of Balindo Paradiso).

And in the last meeting, he gave us a nice presentation. And one of my Best friend, Darsana (see the photos at my picture gallery), was so lucky, he was so lucky because Mr. Tim got a funny joke for him. 😉

Thank you Mr. Tim Skinner for your time, come back to Bali soon..

Andi Setiawan

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