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A few days ago, I have RPC lessons (Restaurant Practice) in BPC (Bali Paradise Citra Dewata / Balindo Paradiso).  This requires that the waiter to be strong to bring a few dishes at once. But I am not strong to carry the plates. All of that is because a few months is spent not on sports (Silat Perisai Diri or in fitness center) . :-S
So with a little thinking, I need to start sports again. although not Silat Perisai Diri. 🙂

Then I began to participate in a fitness program from one week ago. (H)

The first three days is very difficult. That’s because the body can not lift heavy loads.

Hope my body will seen like this
Hope my body will seen like this

But after one week, the body began to fit again. No more pain in the body. 😉

But because the lack of nutrition, I need to consume supplements. Supplements that are suitable for beginners like me is amino 2002, this will help improve the damaged muscle after exercise.

Actually, I won’t use any supplements at all. But I have only 6 months to prepare my body to start struggling with my job training. So I have no choice. I must consume the supplements.

Do you have any suggestion for me???

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  1. Tujuannya sih bukan keker, tapi jadi kuat ngangkat beban. Awardnya masih jadi draft, masih bingung buat milih nominasi nya.. Hehe.. 😀

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