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Two days ago, I’ve started to get disapointed with Freehostia, it said that my site cannot running up because maintenance problem. So i decided to move my data to my old account at 000webhost.com. Don’t know which one is the best, but I must move my hosting….. And now the main problem is, i can’t […]

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Domain http://andi.dre.am/ baru aja pindah hosting ke 000webhost.com. Gara-gara di Freehostia (yang lumayan cepet) sering error. Grrhhhr…. Makanya dari kemarin malem andi.dre.am ga bisa diakses, soalnya masih proses pemindahan file-file.. banyak banget. Mana koneksi di Telkom sering down.

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Today i woke up at 11AM. Actually 6.30 AM, my girl woke me up before go to school. I don’t know why she still come to my house even I’ve hurt her the day before. Maybe she loved me so. 😉 But even she woke me up, i won’t school. Because I must keep my […]

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This is day 2 for my sadness day.. It is started from yesterday.. I start to keep my last money, do you know what i eat for today? Just a bowl of fried noodle. So poor me.. Yesterday was Saturday night. There was a musical concert of BCL (Bunga Citra Lestari). But like usually, i […]

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I am upset right now yesterday, my mother told me that she didn’t have money for me to buy new mobile phone.. Oh poor me…. I lost my mobile phone for 2 weeks ago. Someone stole it from me when I’m in school. Jadi sekarang gw lagi ngambek neeh… actually, yesterday i wanted to go […]

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