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Ada sebuah cerpen ngawur nieh.. baca yach… Meskipun tulisan ama jalan ceritanya jalannya ngalor-ngidul, tapi coba deh dibaca… Libur panjang telah membuatku jauh dari yang namanya dunia maya. Meskipun begitu, tekadku kuat, sekuat baja.. Setiap hari aku terus mengikuti perkembangan blogku dan warta-warta dari akun Pest-Book (facebook) ku. Meski hanya bermodal Opera Mini 4.2, aku […]

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Great… tomorrow is Sunday morning.. I hope it will make me fresh… Well, I have to publish my work.. I want some people see my picts.. So, i have to make a special place to put my photos. Not in this blog, but at another place. Maybe on sub folder or sub domain of this […]

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Two days ago, I’ve started to get disapointed with Freehostia, it said that my site cannot running up because maintenance problem. So i decided to move my data to my old account at Don’t know which one is the best, but I must move my hosting….. And now the main problem is, i can’t […]

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Domain baru aja pindah hosting ke Gara-gara di Freehostia (yang lumayan cepet) sering error. Grrhhhr…. Makanya dari kemarin malem ga bisa diakses, soalnya masih proses pemindahan file-file.. banyak banget. Mana koneksi di Telkom sering down.

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Yesterday, I changed my mobile phone sim card, i want a new IM3 numbers that similar with my girl. But, after I register my number (at 4444), I can’t send any SMS, only GPRS and dialing a number only. And then, there is a SMS comes from INDOSAT. It was told me that my number […]

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Yesterday, i have no work to do. So, i continued my programming hobby by creating a new script. Have no idea bout what script i must create. Then suddenly I think about SEO. Yes, how about a script that can store many links?? Then i created a script that can store many links from many […]

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