Riding Bike in Cadiz

Beautiful Sunday with free lunch in Cadiz, Spain :-D

I spent the day riding the bicycle I borrowed from Human Resource Office around this city. I was looking for a computer store to buy a mouse for my Xperia Arc S. But almost all of the store are closed in Sunday, even Carrefour.

So I explored the city and the beach. I met so many guests outside, they recognized me :-P

What a wonderful day here. I hope tomorrow I get another free lunch. Oh, now the ship is heading to Malaga, and if I heard correctly, the captain said that we will transit in Gibraltar at 1-2 AM.

Now You Have a lot of Mother

Yesterday I worked at two different restaurant, Manhattan Dinning Room (breakfast) and The Lido Restaurant (lunch). And in the evening, something unusual happened, I was transfered to Lido while working in the dining room. The manager said Lido need our assistance, more over only few guest came to dinning room yesterday.

So I took that great opportunity. Because that was the only chance to have a direct communication with the guests. To improve my English, to increase our rating, to increase guest satisfaction.

When I was clearing up my section, one old lady asked me many things. Her name is Miss B. Every time i came to her table, she always asks me different question.

She asked me how long i’ve been working here, asked me whether I’m married or not, asked when I can go ashore. And she gave me many advises like a mother to her son. And yes, she said so, “I’m telling you this like your mother, and now you have a lot of new mother on this ship” so as my commitment to do the extra miles, I should take care of them.

The advises that I can remember are stay safe, don’t be naughty, and keep that good smile.. Uuuuhh.. I’m flattered when she said she liked my smile. ^,^

Oh, today the ship is in Spain, Cadis is the name of the city if i’m not mistaken.

Worst Team

Team work is esential for almost all of companies around the world. In hotelier industry, everyone must work as team, even one department must work with another department to build a strong hotel or restaurant.

Worst Team: group of people with different objectives, different perspectives, different ideas, different working spirit, different culture/brotherhood.

I made the paragraph above because found that it’s true in my workplace.

I have a team of four people that assigned one same job every night. And in different place (still in one department) there is one more team with the same number of member and job description with mine.

I can compare both of the team easily, like black and white.

My team, can’t do the job before 10PM, while we are in one condition: “the sooner we finish the job, the sooner we can go back to our cabin to take a rest”.

I always come much earlier, start doing the job myself, because im tired and want to finish it early. The thing is, the other guys dont have the same idea with me, so how i can make it? It pissed me off.

Like today, my team member come one by one just after 10pm. One guy worked slowly, walked slowly, and did the job in different place like he wasn’t belong to the team. The other two guys didn’t work seriously, while I was doing the job, they walked away and made cappucinno for their self. What the f??

Compared to the another team, when i was walking to my workplace to start working, they already did about 50% of their job. What an awesome team. I wish i was a part of that team. Moreover we come from the same island, same objectives and the same spirit will make us even stronger.

My team?? -,- hopeless!

Work hard – play smart

It’s the 3rd week for me working here, every single day is hard work. From 11 hours of scheduled hours, my working hours can be more than that, or less if I’m in luck.

Day by day, my seniors gave me tips to work here, even the guest too. Most of them said “don’t work too hard” and “you still have 9 more months to work”.

It made me confused, what am i supposed to do?

Now I’m in the process of adjusting my daily life. I want to work hard as usual, but be smarter. Only do what the job description said, and maybe a little more “extra mile” if needed.

And I’m starting to insert another activities to have fun, like going to crew gym with friends, watching DVD’s provided by the HRO, go ashore every time i have a chance, attending crew events like crew party, crew show, praying, and another social activities.

Working Onboard Holland America Line

It’s been 2 weeks since I started to work onboard Ms. Nieuw Amsterdam. A big elegant vessel of Holland America Line.

The first week, I only feel excitement and tired all day. And always got some confussions too. Even I lost for several times here :-( .

In the second week, I started to understand the workflow and the system. Now I can enjoy working with all the spirit and knowledge I have.

Ahhh.. I forget to mention that my function now is Dinning Room Runner (DRU), but I don’t know why in my working contract is ASL. So my main workspace is in the Main Dining Room (Manhattan Dining Room), and sometimes on duty in The Lido Restaurant, Gangway duty, Linen Duty (with Laundry/HK dept.)

DRU is a new system in HAL, so no wonder if we need to be trained first in the first weeks. But I hope everything will be okay and going as planned.

Yosh… ganbatte!! (#`Д´)σ