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Page contents: Why? It is free, isn’t it? How do we limit the access? How we can get the special access? Why? It is free, isn’t it? It is 16 December 2010 when I write this post. In the second week of this month, half of my total bandwidth used to serve request from […]

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Now we will learn how to fetch values from android repository with PHP, and display it on your page. (See for example). Usually, android user will use aptoide, APKtor, etc. to browse outside repo beside Google’s Android Market. But, there a lot of user prefer to download the apps from PC browser instead of […]

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It’s a hard decision for me to stop programing because it is my hobby since few years ago. But the freelance things made me waste my time on my laptop n made me stop learning n working as an hotelier. If its going on n on, I will never find a pro job. So, I […]

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Q : Retirement Day? What’s up? A : Yes.. I will no longer be a freelance programmer starting next few days. Q : What’s wrong? A : Actually, there are several reasons… Q : would you please tell me why..? A : okay then, I’ll tell you why.. Q : So, why? You love programming […]

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usually I put the jQuery inside <HEAD> tag like this: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”jQuery.min.js” ></script> I found that most of the other script made by other programmer did the same I did. The method above will call the jQuery.min.js which is in the same folder with the script (you host the script). If you’re doing this […]

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This is the simplest implementation of jQuery to hide and show, or toggle an element of a page that is not necessary to be shown when the page loaded. Or in a simple word called a spoiler. I wrote an article about creating a spoiler before, but not using jQuery, entitled Simple Spoiler. The first […]

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