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Team work is esential for almost all of companies around the world. In hotelier industry, everyone must work as team, even one department must work with another department to build a strong hotel or restaurant.

Worst Team: group of people with different objectives, different perspectives, different ideas, different working spirit, different culture/brotherhood.

I made the paragraph above because found that it’s true in my workplace.

I have a team of four people that assigned one same job every night. And in different place (still in one department) there is one more team with the same number of member and job description with mine.

I can compare both of the team easily, like black and white.

My team, can’t do the job before 10PM, while we are in one condition: “the sooner we finish the job, the sooner we can go back to our cabin to take a rest”.

I always come much earlier, start doing the job myself, because im tired and want to finish it early. The thing is, the other guys dont have the same idea with me, so how i can make it? It pissed me off.

Like today, my team member come one by one just after 10pm. One guy worked slowly, walked slowly, and did the job in different place like he wasn’t belong to the team. The other two guys didn’t work seriously, while I was doing the job, they walked away and made cappucinno for their self. What the f??

Compared to the another team, when i was walking to my workplace to start working, they already did about 50% of their job. What an awesome team. I wish i was a part of that team. Moreover we come from the same island, same objectives and the same spirit will make us even stronger.

My team?? -,- hopeless!

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