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Again, another insomnia.. while waiting Anita get back from her business, I will tell u a story about me and my plans which gone a wee bit different from the reality.

Back in fall of 2009, I was just graduated from SMANSA Singaraja. I continued to one of many cruise n hotel school in Denpasar. For the first time in my life, i focused on my future life. :-O And then it hit me, for the first time in my life, i focused to my own life!!!  😀

I was planning to work for italian cruising company in which my campus are built for, the MSC. I dreamed 3 years from that time, i will be wearing those fancy uniform serving the guest while cruising around the world.

But in the 2012 for real, I’m not too far from my plan. Well, at least i still serve the guest even finally i didn’t apply in that italian company. I applied in another cruising company which need more intelligence and hospitality. Moreover, there are some of my relatives who are working here.

And now, I can see my self three years from now, I will be in a higher position with higher salary. I will start building my own house and saving for my future. Maybe by that time I will start to think about who is the lucky girl to be my woman. “lucky girl to be my woman”.. 😀 that’s funny.. since I don’t even think about it right now..

So, let see how it’s gonna be in 2015.. B-)

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