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I still remember one dialogue from one of HIMYM episode entitled The Chain of Screaming if I’m not mistaken. but i don’t remember from which season or what episode number.

It was like this:

“your report is crap! oh no, that’s just an insult to crap. if crap could eat, and crap the stuff out, then your report is the crap that the crap crap!”

Ouch… that’s harsh.. but yeah, it’s what I’m gonna use to describe one decission made by somebody to change my function in the late snack duty. His decision is CRAP THAT THE CRAP CRAP!

Without thinking the next operational result, he rolled the rules. Big change! I was a supplier before, so I could do my another job in different restaurant easily. But now I should take care of the drink station in which that’s mean I should just stay there and let my another job left behind.

You see, he said the reason was “so you can’t go anywhere, you should stay here until it finished”

Yeah, because he make it personal, I won’t take this professionally. Now, I still respect his uniform and his function, so I can’t do anything about it. But I hope I will not see him im another place, in Jakarta or Bali, because I might do something stupid to him.

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