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We are now entering the phase to cross the north Atlantic ocean to Caribbean, this will end the Mediterranean season and start the Caribbean cruise season.

It’s kinda good news for me, because the cruise is shorter, that’s means more $$$ :-$

But… the thing is.. it’s a bad weather season.. even tonight we cancelled one port of call (Livorno) due to the bad weather, the wave’s so high shaking our big ship.

29 October 2012, we will start heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We will stop in several different ports in Spain, and then the worst part, 7 days at sea, the unstable north Atlantic sea!! 😮 there will be nothing in the distance but water.

The bad news is that I don’t have any credit left in my mobile since I lost it in just a minute two days ago for the f*cking roaming data connection. I turned on the roaming data connection in Italy, in just less than a minute, I lost IDR 60,000. o_O and for internet, I only got 5 minutes left, maybe after posting this blog I won’t be able to communicate with anybody else till I get to Florida. sad 🙁

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