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The first day at sea to fort Lauderdale ran just like what I predicted. The weather was unstable, the wave was so high even when we are still docked at Madeira.

There was an even today in Lido Deck, precisely in my section, The Lido Pool area. It was Mongolian Cookout. Well, you see.. it was rough sea, so the water inside the pool was just pretty much the same with the sea wave. The water splashed out of the pool flooding the deck, the chefs got wet. When the situation getting more dangerous, the captain took the decision to dry the swimming pool.

And then the story continued to dinner time in the dining room. The wave getting higher as the sun goes down. Maybe the guests realized that drinking alcoholic drink during the rough sea could make them sea-sick, that’s why there was not so many order for alcoholic beverages. it left me stranded in the bar, dying for boredom.

And.. tonight we are entering new time zone, it’s GMT -3, the same timezone with Azores. But we are not stopping at Azores this time. So pity we cannot visit Azores like what we did few months ago.

I hope day 2 will run smoothly.

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