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my heart was beating fast
when I saw a red blast
growing on grey grass
surrounded by concrete glass

she was so red
red from a blood shade
from defense she made
for love that she had

but, she was beautiful and calm
spreading her cheerful charm
I want to keep her from harm
make her warm in my arm


the poem is about a guy who was admiring a girl. He was looking at that girl in a crowded place in a city. She was beautiful and calm. But this guy also could see a sorrow in her face. She looked so red as rose, the red which shows the sorrow and pain. He just kept pay attention to that girl and was wondering what did she feel. He guessed that girl just fight for her love that she had. an ordinary case for a girl. He was wondering that she may be could survive from that fight or may be she lost. But he just kept admiring that young lady’s beauty. He didn’t care what did happen to her. what he knew is that she was beautiful and charm un her sadness. He was so admiring her.

Ni tugas si doi.. hohoho ^.^

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1 thought on “wild rose

  1. ancur kali parafrasenya nyukk…. orang bukan itu parafrase yang tak kumpulin kemaren… 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛
    essaynya maw lagi 6, papernya maw, shor storynya maw juga, postingin juga by!!! biar kepajang capeknya maw di sini

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