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The members of UKM Perisai Diri Undiksha and I went to Padepokan Perisai Diri in Tampaksiring last Saturday. We visit them to have a friendly match/sparing and training.

The First Day (22 October 2011)

We gathered in front of Kantin Seribu Jendela at 1PM and prayed at two places in Kampus Tengah Undiksha till 2PM. Then the bus started the journey to Tampaksiring via Bedugul. It took about 4 hours to get there 🙁 .

We got there at 6PM. After changing our clothes to PD uniform, we officially opened the “Latih Tanding”.

Then we changed our clothes again to Balinese traditional custom (adat madya) because we planned to visit Tirta Empul Temple that night. We walked the path behind the Istana Negara Tampak Siring to the temple. It took less then half an hour to get there.

Can you imagine the coldness of the water at 10PM at the mountain? Yes, we jumped in to the fountains for the ceremony. Brrrrr… I cant stand for it.. my hands were shaking, my teeth were busy making sounds, my body was freezing, it increased my faith to the warmth of the blanket, suddenly I missed my hot apartment room back at Singaraja.

Finally, after all the processions at Tirta Empul Temple finished at 11PM, we went back to the Padepokan to take a rest.

this is how we took a rest: like dead bodies after a disaster.

The Second Day (23 October 2011)

We woke up at 6AM and started to prepare our self for the morning. We had a quick breakfast with a bread and a plastic of warm soybean porridge. Without taking a bath, we got into our complete uniform again and warmed up.

At 7AM, Mr. Wayan Contok, the leader of Padepokan Perisai Diri Tampaksiring, opened the morning training. And the fun were began..

We were warming up for 1 hour doing basic movements until 8AM and took a rest.

After few minutes, we took a basic lesson taught by the “Pendekar Muda” about the right kicking movement and the shoulder usage when using various hand attack. It was less then 10 minutes, but the lesson worth a never-ending practice.

Then, sparing time! The group divided into two, the IPSI version (tarung laga) and Perisai Diri Version (the original style) A.K.A Serang Hindar. I joined the Serang Hindar version because I love it so much and ever won the first place at the Perisai Diri Championship held in Undiksha 3 years ago.

I fought one guy from the Padepokan. The fight was good enough, but I can’t really hit his face even his senior said that we have to use the full technique and full power like when I beat the guy in the championship. But I think we should be wise, since we’re a big family, so he is my bro too, so I can hit him like that.

Then the leader closed the “Latih Tanding” at about 11AM and had lunch after it. We took a rest for two hours while preparing to go home. At 1PM, we all dressed in Balinese Traditional custom again, we went to Tirta Empul Temple to pray before we went home.

This picture taken at the parking lot in fron of the temple, right before we went home :

I will post the photos of the sparing next time after I received the files.

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