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It is fairly easy to cook a delicious apple cobbler.  First, you will need to have at least two cups
of apples on hand, and they should be peeled and sliced into thin crescent shapes.  Almost any
type of apple will do–either red delicious or granny style or whatever your local grocery store
offers.  Next, you will need about one half cup of sugar for extra added sweetness.  Either white
granulated sugar or brown refined will work equally well.  (I have used both kinds with the same
success.)  Finally, about two sticks of butter or two pounds of margarine will be necessary to
give the cobbler that lip-smacking smoothness that my family just loves.
The actual making of the cobbler is also fairly simple.  You’ll need a very large mixing bowl,
into which you will pour all the carefully cut apple slices as well as the sugar and the butter. 
Now you’ll need a rather large fork or spatula to mix and “mush up” all the ingredients together
until they are all fairly well blended.

While you have been doing all this, the oven has been pre-heating to a toasty 425 degrees
Fahrenheit.  When you think the mixture is well blended, then place the bowl carefully near the
back of the center oven rack and leave it there for about thirty minutes.  After about half that
time, you will begin to smell the enchanting aroma of baked apples filling your home, thus
telling everyone that the wonderful time of fall is definitely here.

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