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Have you ever take attention why your pages suddenly load this IP: ?

If you see the page source of the page, you will see this line added in the first line of your <head> section of the page:

<script src="" language=javascript"></script>

Is it malicious? Actually, I’m not sure about it. But since I found some answer on Microsoft forum, I feel safe.

Apparently, you are experiencing "image recompression" through your service provider. When you connect over a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) such as Sprint or Vodafone Mobile Connect, the images are downgraded to reduce the amount of data that is transmitted. The ISP modifies every HTTP request to inject javascript that produces the tooltip you describe.

You should be able to turn off compression with the Vodafone Mobile Connect tool.

That was the answer of Microsoft’s Techy guy.

Accidentally, I use UMTS service from XL, so it does inject the script to every page I requested.

So, don’t worry.. 🙂 sit back, and chillax.. it helps you to safe your mobile modem bandwidth.

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