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The rainy season started in November here in Singaraja City. The first drops satisfied my beloved earth even it just last for a couple of minutes.

Rain n umbrella

But there are disadvantages from the rain it self for me.

Like today, I didn’t get my breakfast because of the rain. It was pouring until 12.30. I was dying hungry.

After having lunch, I went to SMKN 1 Singaraja with my boo to see Mr. Agus Jaya to take my certificate for passing the test for Perisai Diri last Sunday at STM (SMKN 3 Singaraja). I Passed the test and He said that the other PD trainers thinks my technique was good, but one of the senior trainer told my trainer (Mr. Agus Jaya) that I’m not that good enough, yet. So i promised him to improve my skill and ability in next few months.

I was planning to visit the SBI Office in Kuta last Tuesday, but considering the unpredictable weather, so I canceled the plan, and now I’m planning to call them by phone instead of directly come to Kuta just to confirm my data. Wow, it will save a lot of time and greatly reduce the cost.


Looking for the mp3 of November Rain by Gun N’ Roses? download it here: from the archive of

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