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After making some improvement on, I started working on the mobile version of I use jQuery Mobile Framework Alpha 3 (1.0a3), and the result, out of my expectation, it is awesome!

jQuery Mobile framework, relatively, is a new mobile framework, it was released on October 2010. But it supports a wide variety of browsers including iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberry OS 6, and webOS (for a support matrix, see

Lot of improvements made on andiim3 mobile, and thanks to jQuery Mobile Framework, I don’t need to redesign the UI because we all love simplicity, don’t we?

Here’s the changelog on 4 March 2011:

  • Improved searching algorithm
  • changed and improved paging system (no more exceeding search result)
  • better UI (base design of jQuery Mobile)
  • simple and easy to understand design
  • touch screen optimized

I think that’s all for this time, I will need your suggestion for the development.

See the live site here: (better seen on your mobile device)

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