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After posting the previous post, I’m browsing around the internet, and I just realize that Google made several changes on the interface. The most noticeable change I saw is the login page, the new design look beautiful. The simple design make it beautiful.

As a web programmer and sometimes designer, I found that it is difficult to make things as simple as our imagination. This condition affected my work. Sometimes, when the script should be finished soon, I will need a lot more times to make any improvement that is beyond the original “blueprint”. It makes the simplicity lost from the plan.

That’s why a plan or strategy is essential in our work. It will keep us away from any un-expectable obstacles.

The thing is, can we follow the plan agreed by our self and even by our client?

The answer is: either can or can not.

You see, why we have to make it simple if we can give the advanced functionality to our work?

If we make it more advanced beyond the plan, we could handle the job more advanced too. The problem is, can the others uses it? Because everybody ain’t got the same skill as we are.

If we read the KISS Principle, we will understand why it is important to make something as simple as it could be. So others may help us in our work, or even fix our work when we can handle it by our self.

So, before doing your job, make a plan first, follow the plan without any doubt, and you’ll got the job done at the right time. It’s also can be practiced in daily life, make a plan!

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