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After my great success on creating an Android Repo Fetcher which helped thousand android users around the globe, I created a new type of fetcher called MP3 Fetcher.

About MP3 Fetcher

It uses PHP function to fetch mp3’s from remote directory on the internet and store it in my database. The directory addition is still manual as I still confused on how to create a special web spider (web crawler) to collect directories which contain published file (such as mp3, 3gp, m4v, etc.).

Actually, the script can also fetch another type of file, but I will try on MP3 first.

Why This Script, Why MP3?

Well, this script has the same concept as, it uses existing repos (directories) out there, then it will collect the data, and present it to internet user which help them to save their time without browsing and searching the entire internet.

The script, as we respect the copyright of the contents we fetch, is for study purpose. We don’t intent to expose the copyrighted contents. We don’t also condone piracy as we don’t store the files and we are NOT publish getting any money to do that.

MP3 is the most searched file type in internet, so why don’t we try to use it to attract visitor? Well, if you want, you can modify the script to search 3gp, mp4, or another file type in directories you specify.

Publishing The Script

The script published on yesterday, and today I publish it on my own blog because my blog got an higher PR than Or, if you interested on my script and want to modify the script for your use, please contact me.

To Do List

* adding more directories to fetch (which contain the latest songs)
* adding mp3 tag reader to the script and store the information in the database
* improve the fetching algorithm (as most PHP server limited the script execution time to 30s)
* another suggestion? please comment!

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