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Every day, I never wake up before 9AM. If I wake up at 7, I will fall asleep again, and get up at 9 or 10AM. What a shame that probably never be published. 😀

Almost every day, I’ve done nothing unusual, it’s the same for every days I passed.

Like today, the first thing I did was grabbing my xperia X8 to check on my girl. Then checked my laptop which I left still on to download several gigabytes of work out training videos. Checked my website stats, and then went to Depot Udayana to have a breakfast.

Well, usually I will go to Jalan Kapten Muka to have a rice / asian breakfast. But somehow I decided to have a half English breakfast, I mean only egg dishes and a big glass of iced tea. The things that I love when having a breakfast, lunch, or dinner there were the menu variety and the newspaper, there’s always a newspaper there, or sometimes two (Bali Post and Kompas). So for a guy who don’t have a TV like me, newspaper is essential to discover things happened around us.

Usually I will hit the gym after having lunch or in the afternoon, but not today. Because I will join the Perisai Diri training with UKM Perisai Diri Undiksha tonight at the campus, so a little more energy will help me pass thru the night.

My breakfast: Puyung Than (asian egg dishes, well-known as Fuyung Hai), Iced Tea (Tehbot*l Sosr*), and a Bali Post newspaper

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