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I’ve created a twitter account few months ago, but never use it as frequent as facebook because most of my friends are active in facebook instead of twitter. it is only about 3%-5% of my facebook friends who has twitter account. Another reason not to use twitter?

Frankly, i don’t know how to use it.. it’s not like Fb where i can just type my status, and post it. Commenting made easy in Fb. Tagging too.

I don’t even know what RT is, is it like Rukun Tetangga? so where is RW? Rolling on the floor laughing

But, since few days ago, I started to learn about twitter, and now I’m getting familiar with this social site.

Even I’ve tried twitter application for my android device. Now I’m using Tweetdeck downloaded from to keep update with current timeline.

by the way, click on the image below to follow me on twitter Smile


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