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Nowadays, there are so many web hosting providers. Sometimes it made me confused to choose one of them with their own criteria. Fortunately, there is a web hosting directory which has updated list of the best host service providers worldwide. Moreover, they have tons of articles related to cPanel, eCommerce, scripting, and dedicated hosting. You can also read their Web hosting Guide before buying any of the packages available out there. homepage

When you open the front page, you will immediately see the Top 10 Webhosts without the need to click anything else. It will be easier for you to find your choice. The list it self allows you to compare them with another provider.

Well, if the list doesn’t satisfy you, you might wanna search for specific criteria thru the Search Host Catalog.

long story short, if You are new to choosing a web host, this is a great place to start the learning process. So, have a try! 🙂

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