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Another spot to satisfy your appetite 😀 . Let’s see the nominations.

5. Singaraja Town Square (Taman Kota/Tamkot)

Booth at Taman Kota SingarajaThis is the place where I spent almost all of my afternoon for the last couple of months. From 4PM, plenty of Singaraja citizens comes to SiToS doing their afternoon jogging, yoga, gateball, wall climbing, soccer, or just hanging out with their friends, family, or on their own like I used to be.


Belayag Buleleng




There are many booth which has their own special menu, so one week isn’t enough to try them all. Oh, you can find these foods here that word every penny you’ll spend: Toast, juices, cappuccino, sausage, corn, meatballs, fried rice, Chinese foods, Belayag (my favorite Balinese food), fruit compotes, and many other.


6. The Other Places

Well, I can’t mention them all one by one since they didn’t pay me for the promotion. It’s not a paid review, okay!?!

  • Adem Cafeteria (Jalan Gajah Mada, Near SMPN 1 Singaraja)
  • DaDiDu (Jalan Cendrawasih, Near Kertha Usadha Hospital)
  • Loving Hut (Jalan Surapati, Near the old BNI Bank building)
  • Warung Bali (Jalan Ngurah Rai, Near the RSUD Buleleng)
  • Mangga Dua, (Jalan Ngurah Rai, not so far from Warung Bali) never tried it
  • Senggol Rama (Jalan Rama, beside Telkom building), night only *
  • Senggol Mayor Metra (Jalan Surapati, in front of Hardy’s Plaza), day and night *

You got another places to mention? please leave a comment!

Note: Senggol is a kind of night market where all of the booth selling foods in an affordable price, but there are also senggol that opened during the day.

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