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Continuing my last post about culinary spots in Singaraja, I’ll give you the rest of the list.

3. Depot Udayana

Newly opened and renovated place near the Ganesha Education University (Kampus Tengah Undiksha). In pink theme, they tried to show their freshness.

There you can find Chinese foods, chicken steak, beef steak, juices, soft drinks, fried fries, burger, and their new menu : Chicken Cola. I wonder how it taste.

Oh by the way, today I tried Tami Goreng and Chocolate Smoothies there while @mawmawmawar only got a bottle of Fanta.

Visit their Facebook Profile here: Depot Udayana.

4. Bakso Kaget

Located in front of the Rumah Sakit Tentara, Jalan Ngurah Rai, Singaraja. Here you can find unique meatballs. From the Bakso Kaget, Bakso Bakkar, to Bakso Celup (Bakso to go).

There are also burgers, kebab, Martabak Africa, and many other foods there. All the item are in affordable price for college student.

I went there for several times, but I only tried the Sausage Kebab, Chicken Burger, Jumbo sized Burger, and promotional Martabak. Maybe I should try the Bakso Kaget sometimes. 😀

Their official website: www.bakso-kaget.com.

Well, I’ll gather another list of the culinary spots in Singaraja, stay tuned!

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