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Singaraja is a small town in the northern part of Bali. Although it small, it has all the things to survive here. The most important thing we need to survive in a town, especially if you are new in certain town, is the culinary spot. I will tell you the best spots to satisfy your appetite.

1. Penimbangan Beach (Pantai Penimbangan)

Also known as PP among Singaraja citizen. It is a local tourism spot where youngster hanging out with their friends, especially on Saturday Night when you’ll find that it’s hard to get an unoccupied table. Best time to visit PP is in sunset where you’ll find the true beauty of the beach. The common culinary you can find here are Roasted Corn, Toast, drinks (but most of them are non-alcoholic beverage). If you need place to enjoy alcoholic beverages, then Lovina is the best place for you, there you will find bars.

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Photos: Sunset Pantai Penimbangan (my blog post from 2 years ago)
Map : jawara kampung

2. Bunny Burger

You love western junk food? Then you should try this one. You can order beef burger, chicken burger, spaghetti (I don’t know whether it’s carbonara or marinara), French fries, and more at affordable price.  After moved from the old location, now Bunny Burger is located near Pantai Penimbangan. It is about 100 meters before you arrived at PP.

I will add more spots tomorrow.. keep tuning on my blog 😀

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