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Today i woke up late, the first thing i did was texting my GF, it’s my routine to check on her. She’s my babe, so i have to keep an eye on her. hehe

fall in loveShe is a college girl, so she goes to campus almost everyday, well, she’s little bit different than me who got nothing to do everyday, just wasting my time on bed and online. Okay, that’s a huge differences.


Bconfuseut there is something bothering my mind. I’m not sure what it is. I feel weirdness flying around my head with their little freaky wings. Even it could make the freak pink dinosaurs even worst.

Those weirdness like wanna say something about my new relationship. I tend not to listen their voices. But they speak thru to my mind and says to me in a devil ways:

hit in the facehaha.. poor Andi.. it is useless to text her this morning, she’s not completely yours. She still loves her ex. You can’t be the guy before you. You can’t even beat him. Just leave your feeling behind, find a new babe.. >:-D”

But, my angel give the devil a slap in the face, slap in the faceand talk to me tenderly:

angledon’t listen to him, darl, he can only give bad feeling and negative thought to people. Be positive, I’m sure that you can be yourself and win her heart. So that you may be a great couple. You both are still young, I can understand if both of you still think, sometimes, in a negative way. Now keep this in mind, be yourself in loving each other, because your spouse will have to love you, not somebody else. And now, wake up from your dream, and take care of her, and don’t forget to take a bath and brush your teeth. O:-) ”

thinkWell, I think I have to do what my angel said. I have to move on, believing in this relationship, start learning my girl, n giving her the best I could.

And finally I have to take a shower like the angel said. shower

That’s all folks.. bye bye… bye

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