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PF_20032011003541961 cropDear, my heart keeper 
as you can see this just a letter
few words from your lover
that will last forever

here I stand in coldest corner
without light, without fire
but I’m not going to surrender
coz I deserve something brighter

Oh my heart keeper
You know how I’m dying to be your server
sometimes my feeling going deeper
asking my self, are you my true desire?

you may think I’m just a liar
who speak something wilder
you my think I’m just a burglar
who steal your time for a liar

But I’ll prove it, and please remember
Promise me you won’t tell the other’s
that I’m always wanting us together
that I’m loving you forever


March, 20th 2011
By andi the lover, to be a better writer


About this poem:

I write this poem tonight for my lovely girl. Frankly, she deserve better poem than the one I wrote, but I did my best Smile

The poem tell us about a lonely guy who love his girl very much, so does the girl. The guy often feel lonely, feel like in the corner of the darkness when the girl is not there. He always wanted the girl on his side, but that just a big dream for him. He thinks that his words and acts was meaningless, he want to prove to the girl that he really love her from the deepest heart.

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