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Why? It is free, isn’t it?
How do we limit the access?
How we can get the special access?

Why? It is free, isn’t it?

It is 16 December 2010 when I write this post. In the second week of this month, half of my total bandwidth used to serve request from andiim3.com. 5Gb of my hosting bandwidth has been used so far (Total max 10GB available/month).

Actually, we can solve this problem by buying a bigger web hosting package, so that we will get a bigger bandwidth and spaces to save user uploaded APKs. But, I don’t have enough money to do such thing like that. As you know, I run this site , and I got nothing to maintain the site. I run it on my own cost. So, I think I need some donation to maintain the site. at least, buy me a beer ^_^

So, to prevent the site being down (or suspended) due the “bandwidth exceed” status, we’ve decided to limit the access to andiim3.com until we got a better hosting.

How do we limit the access?

Starting 17 December 2010, We will open the site 12 hours a day, that will save a lot of bandwidth.

The site schedule :
We use server time (GMT +7)

00:00-01:00 –> public
01:00-02:00 –> donator only
02:00-03:00 –> public
03:00-04:00 –> donator only
04:00-05:00 –> public
05:00-06:00 –> donator only
06:00-07:00 –> public
07:00-08:00 –> donator only
08:00-09:00 –> public
09:00-10:00 –> donator only
10:00-11:00 –> public
11:00-12:00 –> donator only
12:00-13:00 –> public
13:00-14:00 –> donator only
14:00-15:00 –> public
15:00-16:00 –> donator only
16:00-17:00 –> public
17:00-18:00 –> donator only
18:00-19:00 –> public
19:00-20:00 –> donator only
20:00-21:00 –> public
21:00-22:00 –> donator only
22:00-23:00 –> public
23:00-24:00 –> donator only

How we can get the special access?

You can get special access by donating any amount of your PayPal balance to us. By donating via PayPal, we will record your PayPal email to our database and send you your special access key to your inbox.

After we accept the email from PayPal about the donation, we will register your email to our database and you’ll have the access key delivered to your inbox.

The access key can be used for a month (30 days) (inspired by Kaskus Donatur). No money back guarantee! 😀

By donating to us, you also help us to maintain the site, and give other android user opportunity to download APKs without limited access time in the future.

So, start donating.. Smile

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