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Hi friends..

It’s been two days I didn’t update my blog. I’m so busy.. Coz I have to come to several office and police office for a SKKB/SKCK (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian, it’s a kind of registration in police’s crime database). I need to visit 6 instances to get that letter.

Yesterday and the day before, I ride my bike for hundreds kilometers around Bali. Ah, I’m so tired..

The first day the is very exhausting.. Coz the route is from Denpasar – Gianyar – Kintamani – Bondalem – Tejakula – Singaraja – Bedugul – Denpasar. Ah, what a day,, that was 200-250 kilometers journey..

And you know, Kintamani was freezing me.. even the sun was shining brightly.. That was the coldest area in Bali, coz Bedugul is warmer than Kintamani.
But, when I ‘m in Bedugul, the rain started to falling.. fortunately I brought my raincoat.. Thumbs up

Back to Denpasar, no rain and no cloud, it is very hot.. Denpasar nowadays is VERY HOT!

The second day, the route is shorter, Denpasar-Singaraja-Denpasar. A short day though, but the rain is coming too..

It took less than 5 minutes in Polres Singaraja (Singaraja’s Police Headquarter) to take the letter.. Ah.. Im so glad, but I visited Telkom Singaraja before back to Denpasar, checking my emails, my blog, and seeking for a job online.

Oh, I forget to mention that I need the SKCK to apply at PT. Ratu Oceania Raya, an agent for several cruise ship company, but I would like to apply for an Assistant Dinning Steward in Disney Cruise Line.

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