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Scam is a perspective and relative thing. People who make money from home following any type of earn money from home program say it is real and people who do not really make any or even lost say it is a scam.

Most people come in with the high expectation in making money overnight. However, in reality, nothing comes easy. It takes lots of time, effort and put into lots of trial and error and actions before you start to see any money coming in.

Sad to say and in reality, people who come into any earn money from home program, about 95% of them fail. Only 5% of them who have the patience and very hard working and not afraid of failure to deter them will make it. It took me at least 1.5 years before things started to get better for me. In fact, even I nearly gave up after a year but luckily I persist.

If you are the 95% lot and expect to get rich overnight, then I advise you that you bail out and do not join any of the make money from home program. However, if you are the 5% lot, then what I advise you are to learn slowly and take lots of action and try out the program.

My advice is to get my FREE report (optin to my list, I will give you the link at the end of this article) and concentrate starting a website with a web hosting company and drive lots of traffic to your website with article marketing only. Learn as you go. You optin to my list and just concentrate on this program, although I may have introduced lots of other programs like surveys and data entry which are for residual income. Making and maintaining your website and drive lots of traffic to your site with article marketing is the long-term goal.

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