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haaa…  today is an usual day when i woke up at 7am, then slept again until 12am, then get up just to turn on my notebook. (Y)

Lot of news n status update from my friends on facebook. Ah, that casual..

eh,, by the way,, today is the day when my another package will arrive.. (G) I ordered air bed from one of air bed seller in kaskus, he’s from Jakarta, so it takes 2-3 days to arrive with OKE service from JNE. That is Economic service package provided to save our money, the package is 3kg in weight, how could I pay for YES service??? :-O

Another luck of mine… My lecturer, my friend, and my mentor, Mr. Oka (lecturer n kinda manager of Balindo Paradiso, n some of it’s instances), just contact me thru Fb, he asked me to build 2 website for his new business. A rent Car company based on Muding Indah and a course, I don’t know exactly what course he will run.

But i should wait for about 1 week until the rent car office finished.. He will call me again later.. (T)

hemm,,, 😀

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5 thoughts on “kalo rejeki emang ga kemana

    1. hehehe.. iya dong mbak… hihihi.. saya kerja keras berbulan-bulan membangun blog ini.. (meski baru seminggu terakhir bru rajin post lagi..) butuh duit soalnya 😀

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