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Finally, I got my own Shakira! Dark blue Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. It is very cool! Ah, I lost my words..

Last cloudy Saturday morning in Denpasar, I went to 3 different stores (Handphone Shop, BTC, Cellular world), but they all not opened their shop yet.. So I went to CircleK in Teuku Umar. Bought a bottle of mineral water and a banana bread, no chocolate bread, coz I felt something weird in my throat.

Oh, the rain started to fall. Then I decided to go to the BTC. Oh no, they still didn’t opened the store yet. So I cross the road, to the BCA. Guess what.. I realized that there was an opened store beside the BCA bank.

Erafone Denpasar, they opened already. I entered the shop, asked for Soner X8, and they said “Yes, we have one more stock, dark blue only. It is Rp. 1.999.000,-”

Hahahaha.. I gave them my big smile, and also my whole money in the wallet. And Shakira on my hand now..

It is still donut though, but will be upgraded to éclair next few week. Hope Sony Ericsson’s Team will work hard to build it.

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