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It’s a hard decision for me to stop programing because it is my hobby since few years ago.

But the freelance things made me waste my time on my laptop n made me stop learning n working as an hotelier. If its going on n on, I will never find a pro job.

So, I stop my activities as a freelance programmer since 20 November 2010. Sorry for those who can’t have me as their programmer anymore. Sad smile I got to stop now, or I can’t stop it later.

No more coding until 4am, no more confused by editing others unfinished script. What a happy time. YES!

So, what about programming? I still code my own project, not a paid project though, so I can do it on my free time.

Now I code a simple script, called Android Repos Browser (Direct Link Fetcher). You can see the description by clicking my portfolios link below.

You can see my latest and the last portfolios in my blog : My Latest Portfolios.

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