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Well, i have Java clock that hosted in, would you like some??

here is the sample :

You can copy this java applet into your online page, of course with some customization.  Just edit the script bellow :

<applet code="Dgclock.class" CODEBASE="" width="100" height="30">
      <param name="TimeFormat" value="">
      <param name="TZ" value="GMT+0800">
      <param name="ShowDate" value="yes">
      <param name="ShowFrame" value="no">
      <param name="fg" value="black">
      <param name="bg" value="white">

Bellow is the configuration details :

<param name=”fg” value=”black”> -> the foreground color

<param name=”bg” value=”white”> -> The background color

<param name=”ShowFrame” value=”no”> -> show border
<param name=”TZ” value=”GMT+0800″> -> your time zone

<param name=”ShowDate” value=”yes”> -> show date or not

<param name=”TimeFormat” value=””> -> your time format, blank for 24, or 12 for 12, i’d rather choose blank (“”)

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2 thoughts on “Free Java Clock Maker

    1. yang itu kan make Java, bukan javascript ^_^
      kalo program buat bikin jamnya, kayaknya ngga deh,, ambil ja script yg di post ini,, kan langsung jadi.. tinggal modif2 dikit aja

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