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since December 10 2010, I set the script to request basic user information from Facebook.

so user don’t need to fill a boring registration form to browse and download in andiim3.com.

why do we need registration?
as another websites said, we need data to improve our services. we need data to inspect, to smiling at, to proud of.  we track the site stats every day to present best user experience. users can track their activities in this site via “my profile” menu in main site (andiim3.com).

is user data secured?
of course. we keep basic user data only. we don’t need user’s email as another sites do, because we won’t send you any email that will fill up your spam folder. If you no longer use this web app, you can disconnect it via Facebook.

are the apk packages listed in andiim3.com legal?
we don’t know about the legality of the packages listed here as we don’t inspect the packages lists. we inspect the repo list only. and we don’t manage the repos. so any content listed here are belong to it’s repo owner responsibility. we provide repo fetching only (as APKtor and Aptoide does.)

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