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Oh, i haven’t told you that last month, i replaced my beloved Samsung Galaxy Spica with a new Nokia N97 Mini Garnet. (H)
Such a cool device n the most expensive device I ever had (IDR 3700k). 😉 .. But, honestly, it doesn’t satisfy me like Spica does.

Click here for my devices pictures: here.

Finally, just 3 weeks after i got mini (N97 Mini), i decided to sell it on Kaskus. Because the price on kaskus is reasonable, deffer if I sell it to some counter here in Bali (They just offer me IDR 2000K! what a sh*t!).

more than one week i’ve waited for a serious-high-bargaining buyer. SO… yesterday, Fachrudi (Pancoran, South Jakarta) text me, and asked me if the mini is still here. Then i answered frankly, YES IT IS. and blah,, and blah,, n blahh… and he offered IDR 2.950k for the phone (include RekBer n delivery service). We use Piggy Bank’s service for the rekber, and JNE as the courier. (Y)

So today, I went to Tuban (near Ngurah Rai Airport) in the morning to send the package. Fachrudi wants the package to be packed in wood packing. So i did what he asked. It cost me IDR 70K for shipping, ahhhh :-O

So, what will I do with IDR 2.900K ?

Of course, a new GSM phone. I hope I can find any cheap new or second-hand mobile phone that suite my need. I need a phone with email support, that’s it.

and the other? i wanna try an ePad. ePad??? yes.. like i-Pad, but it made in China, ANDROID inside. cool! it will cost me $100 if I buy it from ebay. But, I will buy it from local online store, it will cost me IDR 1.400K, but with shorter delivery time.

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