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Start with shiny morning at Denpasar city.. i woke up at 6.45Am, and i think it’s quite late to start a good day..

Then i went to the hotel at highest speed on my lovely-wrecked bike, the Thundy,. ;-(

I served the guest as usual,  there are only 3 guests today..

At 12PM, my general manager, Mr.Putu called me to go to his office, I don’t know why he called me.. hemm..

So, i can’t describe how did I’m shocked to hear that he want to evaluate me..

O M G :-O

I don’t have any preparation to face the evaluation, my starving stomach make the situation even worst.. sh*t…

So, as i can predict, the result of the interview was bad.. bad for me.. Even the manager said that i’m ready to released to the real work in cruise ship, but it’s don’t satisfied me..

I have to learn a lot more of food n menu knowledge, beverage knowledge, and USPH..

Ganbatte kudasai!!!

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