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Yesterday (17 September 2010) was an unusual day for me. There are several happening events in a day. It turned me into a bad mood 🙁 . Just take a look at the list below 😉

1. Morning activities and New Modem

Unusually, i got up early yesterday morning. I had some pieces of bread with chocolate milk on it. Then i went to the nearest internet cafe in my neighborhood. I spent 4hours there. And then, as i promised the day before, i went to RTC (Rimo Trade Center) Denpasar with my ex-classmate in the high school (Smansa Singaraja). Se asked me to guide her in choosing GSM Modem for her notebook. So there we are. She got huawei 3G GSM modem with unlimited internet package from 3 (three.co.id), it cost about 450 thousands rupiah. Rp.350.000 for the modem, Rp.99.000 for the starter pack.

mobinil huawei
the modem

After i saw the speed of the modem, finally I bought a new modem, just the same as Ayu’s. with the same starter pack too. But too pity, Ayu didn’t get the starter pack bonus, a nice pen from 3 stand.

2. Starving and Lost Opportunity

Went home from RTC, i started to feel hungry. Very hungry, even much more hunger than anyone in the wolrd… (ah lebaiii… hihihiihi). So i stopped in the DAGANG NASI SYOBAK SINGARAJA in Pemogan Area, I don’t know the name of the street. I ordered one portion of NASI SYOBAK and TEH Bot*l S*srO. After giving the order, i looking for an empty table. ah, there i saw a mobile phone on the table, nokia, kinda 1xxx series, coz its look old. So i called the waitress, and told her about the phone. “Punya siapa tuh?” she asked me. then I answered “ga tau, wong dari tadi udah disana, ambil aja gih, saya ga mau ntar dituduh ama yg punya kalo yg punya dateng” I answered, but I dont say the word in italic to her, just in my mind. 😀 . Actually, if i had a bad habbit, i will hide that phone, and sell it to the counter around.


I don’t know. Maybe it’s called KARMA PHALA. When i started to eat the SYOBAK, some one called me. Mr. Gusti, the teacher of the free English class called me, what an honor. He asked me if I can join the interview tomorrow (now, today). The friend of him who has an agent, need someone who can speak English fluently to work in Europe. Mr.Gusti remembered if I got an…… not-bad-English.. 🙂 So he wanted me to work in Europe for his friend. Then I Say YES.. of course i wanted to go to Europe. But, i told him, that I got no D1 Perhotelan certificate yet. Because the graduation is in next October-November. Shiiii*t.. that’s when i lost the opportunity. So he just tell me “Oh jadi masih nunggu ijazah D1 ya,, hmm,, kalo gitu nunggu interview di HAL aja deh, Andi!”. what a shame.

3. My friends come and She’s just ran away

In the afternoon, my ex-classmate in Balindo Paradiso came by. He, Suja, came with her girlfriend, ayu. They want to manage the content of their iPod Touch. But, my girl, he just went away. go around the city without direction, she leave me alone here with my friends. I said “alone” coz i really feel alone, Suja n Ayu “NGAPEL”, n i become an “UBAD LEGU” here.

4. Mysterious BOSD

In the middle of the night, about 11-12PM, there was an error when im trying to install a software i just downloaded from Kaskus.us. It returned a BSOD screen (Blue Screen of death).


And when I restarted the notebook, my hard disk was gone. Oh geez.. fortunately I bring the Windows XP setup CD with me. When i boot up, the setup screen show no partitions found on the disk. So, my data, windows 7, linux partition, all gone with the wind. Then, with no other options, i installed the WinXP, n recovering the data with pirated version of Get Databack 4.00.2.. hehehe 😀

5. Some good Luck

Yeah, i got a good luck after lost my data. I bring my winXP setup CD, i got a new modem to download the drivers, i got some software in my flash disk. it help me to recover the notebook.

6. another insomnia

My bad luck, i got an insomnia. I rarely fell a sleep before 1AM. And today I started to sleep at about 3AM.

7. woke at 10 am

I woke up dead. Not really dead, but without any passion, without any power, and without any good mood to wake.

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