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Yesterday, I changed my mobile phone sim card, i want a new IM3 numbers that similar with my girl.

But, after I register my number (at 4444), I can’t send any SMS, only GPRS and dialing a number only.

And then, there is a SMS comes from INDOSAT. It was told me that my number was blocked from sending any SMS message.

Started to disapointed, I decided to buy  new IM3 number. But the counter that sold this sim card to me was closed.

Then i go to Telkom to find out some information about this problem.

And i found that my N70 was infected by viruses.

Here’s the information on the virus :

Indosat Officiall Website – SMS Virus

They said that we can send any SMS again when the viruses has gone.

So, we must reset the phone. HARD RESET!!!!

Here’s how to hard reset Nokia N70:

Press the green button (to make a call), number 3 button, and * (star).
– Turn off PIN code requests.
– Charge the phone fully.
– Turn off the phone.
– Remove the memory card (not really needed, but I usually do it to be on the safe side).
– Put the phone on a table (easier to press the keys then, in my opinion).
– Press the three keys and keep them securely down and do not release.
– While the keys are still down, turn the power on.
– Do not release the three keys until you see the prompt for the home city.

If it doesn’t work, retry until you get it right. It is easier if you have three hands.

But I didn’t make it. I’ve failed.

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