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There is no doubt that you have seen those little “mini-ads” that
pop up on websites throughout the web. Those little
ads are something that you may someday place yourself on other
people’s pages. For now, though, consider this – if you take those
ads and place them on your blog, or your website.. YOU will get paid
anytime somebody clicks on them!

Go ahead to and sign up for their Adsense program. It is
right there under “advertising programs” on the main page. Take your
time and look around a bit.

If you have not already started your WordPress blog, then you can go
to and start a free blog there.

(WordPress is more versatile, so prepare to move to that eventually).
Whatever topic you choose to write about on your
blog, the ads that you are going to place will act like a chameleon
and those ads will match that subject. (Thus “Ad-sense”)

Now go ahead in and practice making the little ads, and copying and
pasting the proper code onto your website or blog.

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with WordPress, or Blogger
enough so you know how to do this. I’m leaving some of those fine
details up to you to research. Some topics you choose to write
about will actually be more lucrative than others. For instance, if
you were to write about criminal law, there would be attorneys
advertising their services which would yield a higher payout per

Still, I suggest you write about a subject that you enjoy. The only
challenge left is getting traffic to your website or blog so you can
get those clicks!

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